Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines: These instructions will give you the way to format your content accordingly and also will explain how to prepare the article and
can submit for any of our journals.

Firstly, the whole article should be in English language and then follow the steps: 

The author has to share the article with the following sections explain in detail:

Article Title*: Title of the article

Authors Affiliation*: Details (Author’s Names, Email Ids, University Details if any, ORCID’s if any) of all the authors involved in the manuscript

Abstract*: A brief description of the article (should not be less than 250 to 300 words)

Keywords: Keywords in the article should be in chronological order

Introduction*: The author should provide a brief description of the article and also should not get deviated from the theme of the article

Methods/ content *: If any tables should be placed in the article then table number followed by table title, and then the content of the table. If
any images are to be placed in the above manuscript clear image should be provided with details. All the content which is relevant to the manuscript should be in detailed explanation

Results*: Results with respect to the observations to be documented as per the figures or tables 

Conclusion*: The author has to provide the conclusions with respect to the observations and results

Acknowledgment: If the author wants to acknowledge the respective section should be in detailed

References *: Author has to provide in detail references with respective of the current manuscript

Copyrights: The author has to submit a new article that is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. And its publication has to be approved by all the co-authors, if any, and also all the applicable approvals/permissions from the respective authorities at the institute where the work has been carried out.

If and when the manuscript is accepted for publication, the authors agree to automatic transfer of the copyright to the publisher as per CC norms, the manuscript will not be published elsewhere in any language without the consent of the copyright holders, that written permission of the copyright holder is obtained by the authors for material used from other copyrighted sources and that any costs associated with obtaining this permission are the authors’ responsibility.

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