About SeekingPro Publishers

SeekingPro Publishers, is an international, peer-reviewed open access scholarly journals publisher in science, clinical, medical and life science disciplines. Our Editorial Board and Review Board ensures seekingPro Journals maintaing the rich standards scientifically, quantitatively and qualitatively in all aspects. Additionally, all of the articles published with SeekingPro Journals are permanently archived and indexed globally recognized media, providing unrestricted (open access) use of the scientific information. All content is published under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

Our Mission

We are motivated and dedicated to share the research information via our open access journal publication. We are focused and stepping towards radiating the knowledge all the possible directions to link all the established and upcoming scholars and researchers.

We believe the speed of light (approx. 8.3 min from sun to earth), we wish and strive to spread the science and other disciplines at the speed of light. 

To Authors

Firstly we wish all the best and congratulate all our upcoming authors. Seeking pro is an open access journal with wide range of science disciplines, seeking pro provides the platform for processing (peer-review/editorial review) reach article, and hence we encourage authors to publish with SeekingPro. 


SeekingPro is an open access journal with the license  under the Creative Commons Attribution License, under the guide lines of  CC, provided the original work is properly cited Copyright © CC-BY. Understanding the CC is necessary.